200 Miles.
18,000 feet.
No Joke.


45 Years in the running. The Terrible Two is one of America's most challenging endurance road cycling events.

200 mile option only

Sebastopol, California

Who's riding?

Update to 2021 Event

The State of California has rolled out new guidance for gatherings and events.
Based on this new guidance, the Terrible Two event CAN be held.
However, due to several "challenges," the event will have some changes:

(1) the start/finish location will be changed (see below)
(2) the route will need to be modified to stay within Sonoma County and only a 200 mile route will be offered
(3) there will be a lesser level of support: fewer fixed aid stations will be combined with "leapfrog" support vehicles
(4) the "live" event will be limited to 60 riders.

In addition, a "virtual" ride option will be offered event following the California Triple Crown Rules

START/FINISH VENUE: Sebastopol Community Church

More information on the "live" and "virtual" events will be posted soon.
Those already registered have the option to opt in for "live" or "virtual" events, or transfer their registration to 2022.
Refund options will be provided as well (look for an email soon).

Registration will open for any remaining spots on May 16th.

Please contact ridedirector@srcc.com with any questions or concerns.









The Terrible Two:

Sonoma County's longest running and most challenging timed road cycling event.

The Terrible Two is our region's version of an epic, and has been running strong since 1976.

The route:

A challenging route, not for the faint of heart. The formidable Terrible Two 200 mile course. The course this year will exclude Napa County.


Competition and Awards


We are introducing new ways to be competitive. Our focus with these new forms of recognition is to improve rider finish rates, and to reward you with the recognition you deserve for tackling one of the country's toughest events.


Pre-order the TT Commemorative Trucker hat with registration.

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