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Additional questions? Contact the event chair at tt@srcc.com

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will this event be cancelled in response to COVID-19?

At this time, we do not anticipate cancelling this event. This event does not take place until June 20th and we are hopeful that conditions will be much improved by that time. We will continue to monitor the local situation and guidance provided by the State of California and the Centers for Disease Control and will consider and implement appropriate safety and hygiene measures at the event.

Am I ready for this ride?
All of the successful (and most of the unsuccessful) TT participants are experienced, fit riders. The Terrible Two should not be your first double century. Before you attempt the TT 200mile route, you should complete such rides as the Markleeville Death Ride (all passes), Devil Mountain Double, or the Davis Double. The TT will take 3-4 hours on average longer than the Davis Double - please don't attempt the Terrible Two if Davis took you over 13 hours. On the other hand, if you've completed other doubles comfortably, the TT should be a reasonable challenge. Or give the 121-mile route a try for your first attempt.

How long do I have to finish?
You have a total of 18 hours to complete the 200 mile ride to earn Triple Crown Credit and a total of 17 hours to "Beat the Clock" and earn your Terrible Two patch and sticker. This equates to an 11pm finish for the CTC credit and a 10 pm finish for the patch (with a 5am start). Note that the course will be cleared at 11pm, so if you expect to need until 11pm to finish, you should sign up for the 5am start. If you believe you can complete the course in less time, you can sign up for the 530am start. Also note that after 10pm, support on the road will be minimal.

What time should I start?

This year we will have two start times for the 200-mile ride: 5am and 5:30am. Because the course is closed at 11pm, slower riders (those that expect to take 16 hours or more to complete the ride) are advised to opt for the earlier start time. The 121 mile ride starts at 8am.

We will have two “mass starts” at 5:00 and 5:30am for the 200 mile event and one mass start at 8:00 am for the 121 miles ride.  You MUST sign up for one of the 200 miles mass starts and start with the group to ensure your time is recorded accurately.

Can I switch routes?

Yes, you can switch from the 200 miles to the 121 mile route and vice versa.  Closer to the date ofthe event we will send you an email with the opportunity to switch routes and/or change your Terrible Me time.  Weask that you make this decision no later than June 15 (not the day of the event).

Should I bring lights?
The ride is scheduled for a Saturday near the longest day of the year; lights are needed for riders starting at 5:00 am but lights are not needed for the 5:30 am start. Full dark arrives around 9:00 pm but the light decreases around 8pm. Rear lights are advised for all.

If it is possible that you'll be out later than 8:30 pm, either carry lights or put your lights in a bag with your name and the name of the rest stop where you want to pick them up, and we'll deliver them for you. (We provide bags.). While some riders have their lights delivered to Ft. Ross, the more realistic option is the last stop at Monte Rio which is just 17 miles from the finish.

What's the support like?
We provide six fully stocked rest stops and four water stops, coming closer together later in the event. There are numerous SAG vehicles and ham radio contacts roving the course. We offer energy drink mix at all rest stops (a wide array of Hammer Nutrition products). PRIVATE SAGS ARE PROHIBITED. If you have a spouse or friend who serves as a private SAG f or you at other events, we may add them to our SAG fleet, but they must work for all riders.

At the finish, you will be welcomed back, be provided warm food and cold drinks, and can enjoy the camaraderie with your fellow riders.  We have some new features for the finish line celebration in the works.  More details soon!

How late can I register?
Registration closes on June 15. You must pre-register, no registration at the event. There are no refunds or transfers, this is a rain or shine event. All entries will be confirmed by e-mail. A second e-mail will be sent approximately one week prior to the event with additional information.

How does check-in work?
Number bibs, each with a rider's name on it, will be laid out in alphabetical order. Find your name/number, pin it on, grab a map, and you're checked in. Simple as that. We will have an option for Friday night check-in (more details later). If you plan to check in on Saturday morning, please arrive AT LEAST 30 minutes before your start time. You MUST wear your bib on the course and check in at both the Warm Springs Dam rest stop and at the finish.

More Information for Riders 

  • Riders must wear their official bib number. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
  • Helmets are mandatory.
  • Ear buds are prohibited.
  • Two water bottles are highly recommended.
  • Riders who drop out must notify course officials in person or call in. Don't make us look for you all night!
  • We reserve the right to pull riders for flagrant traffic violations or for their own safety where they appear too debilitated to function responsibly/safely.

Drop Bags

We provide drop bags at the start for delivering your light systems (or food or clothing) to three rest stops: Warm Springs Dam (lunch) and the last two, Fort Ross and Monte Rio. Riders should understand that if they have sent a drop bag to the wrong rest stop, the event organizers are not obligated to move that bag to a different rest stop. Unclaimed (or unused) drop bags will be returned to the finish, often very late in the evening. Contents of bags left behind at the finish will be mailed to participants if the bags contain valuables (such as lights and some clothing). We will not return energy bars, food, etc. You will be expected to pay the postage for all returned items. If you have left some of your gear out on the course, please check carefully for it (or ask) at the finish before you head home.

Cutoff Times and Course Closure

Riders will be required to check in at the Warm Spring Dam lunch stop. If you do not continue beyond lunch you must still check in. The cut-off for riders leaving the lunch stop and continuing on the course is 2 pm - those riders arriving at the lunch stop after 1:45 pm must demonstrate to the rest stop chair that they have the capability to make the finish time. A local rider (or two) will be on hand to guide you back to the start if you prefer not to SAG (which will result in a very nice 140+ mile ride.) Our cut-off times are based on years of observation of the successes and failures of riders over the second half of the course.

Riders must reach the Monte Rio Rest Stop by 10:00 pm. There is no guarantee of services on the course in the miles leading to Monte Rio after 10:00 pm. Course support will be limited to the portion between Monte Rio and Analy High School until 11:00 pm. After 10:00 pm, riders may be required to SAG to the finish at the discretion of the event director. After 11:00 pm, riders should understand that there will be no services on the course and that SRCC is not obligated to provide any further assistance, though we will do our best to bring all riders in safely.  After 11:00 pm, riders will be required to SAG in to the finish (course will be closed).

Jerseys, T-shirts and Rewards
Terrible Two jerseys will be available for purchase for finishers at the finish.  T-shirts and hats are available for sale during registration (and we will have a limited number for purchase at the finish).  The 200 mile rider that finish within the 18 hour limit will earn a Terrible Two patch and sticker. All participants will receive a commemorative item and those that participate and succeed in the Duo and Terrible Me challenges will get a special award as well.

Sharing the Road

Sonoma and Napa County's rural and coastal roads are very popular with cyclists. You may only visit here once or twice a year, but the residents along our route have cyclists--in large groups and small--passing their homes and farms and wineries every day. You can help us preserve friendly relations with our neighbors by being a good ambassador for cycling when you ride here. Our use of this route in the future may depend on your good cycling behavior now. Thank you for your cooperation!

  • This is not a race!
  • Obey all traffic laws.
  • Ride single-file as much as possible.
  • Stop and pull off the road for all emergency vehicles.
  • If you must ride double at times, be vigilant for overtaking vehicles (including faster cyclists) and single up promptly.
  • Please be courteous and friendly with all motorists and residents that you encounter. They are our neighbors.
  • Participants are required to follow California Vehicle Code (CVC) regulations.
  • A few seconds off your time does not justify the risk of an accident or the loss of our good public relations within this community. With 250 or more riders in a mass start, it is essential that all participants exercise restraint and simple common sense, especially in the first few miles, while the field is still bunched up.

SRCC Event Cancellation Policy  

SRCC reserves the right to cancel or reschedule an event when, in SRCC’s sole discretion, it is reasonably necessary to do so. Circumstances under which cancellation or rescheduling may occur include, but are not limited to, Acts of God, terrorism, community disasters, such as earthquake, fire or flooding, or other unforeseen events reasonably likely to compromise the safety of participants or otherwise interfere with the ability of the club to hold the event. Inclement weather alone will generally not result in a cancellation. Events are held rain or shine. If the event is cancelled: 1. Participants will be notified as soon as possible. 2. Depending on the situation, full or partial refunds may be issued in SRCC’s sole discretion. SRCC relies on fees from our events to continue our stated purpose as a 501(c) (4) non-profit recreational cycling club to ensure our organization is here every year, to continue advocating for riders and putting on the best events in the country. SRCC must honor commitments and contracts many of which are paid in advance of the event and non-refundable. SRCC cannot bear the risk of a disaster alone. Each participant accepts the risk of losing his or her registration fee or other incidental expenses related to participation in the event should circumstances warranting cancellation arise. Thanks for your support and understanding.