Note, the challenges apply to the double century only

18 Hour Time Cut for Triple Crown

The Terrible Two is a NOT a race, it is a ride where the challenge is personal performance. You can earn California Triple Crown credit by finishing within the allotted time.

In order to receive Triple Crown credit for participating in the Terrible Two you must complete the 200 mile route in under 18 hours.

Competition and Awards

We are introducing new ways to be competitive and to provide the recognition you deserve for tackling one of the country's toughest events.


The Duo Competition is an opportunity for two riders to compete on the 200 mile route as a team. The objective is simple: get both of yourselves across the line together in the shortest amount of time. You'll be competing to complete the route against other riding pairs in your age division.

Duo Awards will be given to the top three teams in as many as the following categories. Important: In order for any category to be considered for a gender/age award a minimum of 5 registered teams must participate on the day of the ride. If not enough riders round out a given category, they will be combined with the next category and the competitive age bracket range will be bigger for those two categories.

  • Men's, Women's, Coed U30
  • Men's, Women's, Coed U40
  • Men's, Women's, Coed U50
  • Men's, Women's, Coed U60
  • Men's, Women's, Coed 60+

NOTE: if we do not get enough participation, this challenge will not be part of the event.


The real competition is against yourself and the clock. We're improving our recognition of individual riders this year by allowing them to compete as individuals against their own stated goal of finishing within a specific number of hours. This works by specifying how many hours you think it will take you, then challenge yourself to beat that time.

Terrible Me awards are given to anyone who beats their stated finishing time goal. It's important to note you are not awarded if you don't achieve your goal.

This is different than in years past where we simply awarded you for finishing in a set number of hours. The objective for us here is to empower you with a goal that will make preparing for the Terrible Two purposeful, and rewarding no matter your riding capacity. Of course, you need to be a seasoned cyclists in order to participate in and finish the Terrible Two.


Honoring tradition, if you finish the Terrible Two in under 17 hours, you will be given a item (TBD) commemorating your achievement. Instead of awarding a t-shirt only to participants finishing under this time window, the Terrible Two commemorative shirt is now available for purchase to anyone who registers.